Humans: Normally the base species by which all others are measured. This is for the simple reason that most of us are human in real life so its something we are familiar with.

Elves: A mysterious species with lives extending far beyond that of mortal men. Elves are typically as tall if not a little taller than men with chiseled youthful features. Personalities and interests vary greatly from one race to another, however all elves are magical creatures.

Halflings: If you have seen the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings you are familiar with these friendly creatures by the name of hobbits. Halflings are actually the species to which hobbits belong. However there is no "race" called hobbit. Hobbit is simply what they commonly refer to themselves as.

Dwarfs: For those of you who panicked when you did not see gnome on this list fear not. It is a common misconception that gnomes are a separate species in and of themselves. They are in fact a separate race of dwarfs. These guys are generally fairly tall though no more then 5' they are also generally no smaller than 4' (gnomes being the exception). Dwarfs can not study any magic but have an excellent resistance to magic as a result and also have a very fine resistance to disease from their naturally high constitution.

Orcs: These poor souls were originally elves until they were turned dark by evil forces. They share many of the characteristics of elves but they lack the charisma and tend to be evil in nature.

Goblins: Corrupted dwarfs much like orcs once were a much kinder form. Evil torture has not been kind to them as they also suffer a charisma hit. These creatures however have the strength and constitution of dwarfs and share many of their traits

Trolls: Trolls are the corrupted version of treents and posses the strength of the earth as one of their main traits. However trolls are not typically terribly intelligent or wise. These creatures typically use means of brute force to achieve their ends. These creatures lack their own language and typically use elvish since it was the elves that taught their ancestors the treents how to speak in days of old.