Since this is such a drastically different approach then most MMORPG's use to keep players in control, we felt it deserved more explanation. The basic concept is very simple. If you do something generally considered mean or bad you take a negative karma hit and if you do something good you get a positive karma hit. Your karma score is used for a great number of things. In general its probably helpful to think of it as a luck role. Good karma is roughly equivalent to having good luck and bad karma roughly equivalent to bad luck.

Trade decisions:

Karma can drastically affect your trade decisions. The logic behind this is simple. Certain trades and abilities will really only be available to people of certain karma. An example probably explains this the best. You would fore example not expect a very mean person to be a paladin or a good person to be an evil warlord. The game, through karma has the ability to force this.

It also will affect your abilities after your decisions are made. Basically if you are granted special abilities through your trade because of your karma and you change that karma you will loose those abilities. For example if a paladin acts evil for too long his lay of hands will no longer work, until his karma is returned to its good state.

Encounter Modifiers:

Among other things karma will affect your luck in an encounter. You'll have a better chance to go undetected, may have a better chance of striking that critical blow, etc. In short you will have the odds stacked in your favor with good karma.

Divine Intervention:

Gods do like to occasionally get in on the fun. The idea here is that if you are a particularly bad or a particularly good character then they may do things to help or hurt you. For more information see the divine intervention section under General Information.

Karma Inspection:

Other players will be able to see your karma. To relate to the real world it would be like having all your exploits and good deeds known to the whole world. People will very likely base many decisions on how to interact with you on this information. Between this and other things which karma will affect in your game play you have plenty of incentive to play nice with other characters.

Raw Values

Nobel: 1 101
Lawful: 101 1,100
Good: 1,101 11,100
Benign: 11,101 31,100
Neutral: 31,101 68,900
Mischievous: 68,901 88,900
Bad: 88,901 98,900
Chaotic: 98,901 99,900
Dishonorable: 99,901 100,000

Good KarmaBad Karma
Killing mobs of opposing alignmentKilling a mob unfitting of alignment/race
Healing PC below 25% healthAn unprovoked attack on a PC
Teamwork bonus (same team members for x number of mobs) for each mob killedKilling (group/army) member
Killing universally hated mobsAttacking mob already aggro'd (karma hit per attack)
Donating money to charityStealing money
Granting begsBegging other PC's
  Killing (group/army) members
  Disbanding (group) mid combat
  Negatively impacting members ... Ex: blind, slow, etc...