Rewrote some portions of the web site so that they will be more easily maintained. There is a lot of work left here but I'm hoping I'll be able to leave that to brian. It should be much easier from here on out to add pages.


Karma page was improved, tables for karma points and good/bad karma made more visually appealing


Karma page was added, moved the Design links below the details links and added the player's handbook to the Downloads page


Added details of Divine Intervention and added the Human Races

Creature page now has complete contect, the layout for the Development Team's page was created, need to come up with content for that later. The contact page should be good for now as well.

General Information and Creature pages added today, color scheme changed for the Species/Race page, and the contact page was updated.


New layout created, all links go to their respective pages. Species/Race page, Cities, Stats, and Grouping Options pages created.