How can I help?

I have programming skills and would like to help...

Well we could definitely use your help, the more programmers the merrier we say. If you are interested please take a look at our design documentation. Then if you are still anxious to help take on this daunting task please email Matt and let him know.

I have a lot of great ideas and I want to tell you guys...

Well depending on how much of an active role you want to take in this you really have a couple different options. The first (less active roll) is to participate in our forums and tell us what your idea is. The other option (the more active) is to contact Matt and tell him that you would like to become a game designer. He will tell you everything you need to do.

I'm an artist and I would love to get involved in this project...

We would love to see your work so please email us some of your work. You should direct all emails to Matt at this time. We'll take a look at it from there and get back to you with where we would like you to work on the project. If your work is primarily through video game design then please contact us with your background so we can talk about it.

I'd like to give you guys money to help fund this project

Well as much as we appreciate the gesture we really don't have any way to accept that right now. On top of that until we release at least something we'd feel kind of guilty about taking your money. If you are really interested in this please check back and maybe this will change.

I'm a web designer and I want to help

Please contact Brian Sullivan and ask him where you can help out. It will be helpful if when you contact him you tell him your background in web programming. Your level of expertise in CSS, PHP, and HTML is of particular interest.