Grouping: Much like many other games there will be a number of methods to fight alongside other players. Each will have its own advantages and disadvantages as well as its own place.

PVP or not to PVP: A hotly debated topic in almost all RPG's is whether or not to allow PVP within the game. As with everyone else we need to address this issue. However the way that we chose to deal with it is a little envolved. The short answer to the inevitable question "Can I kill other players?" is Yes. However let me quantify this answer a little. If you cause an unprovoked attack on another player you will take a karma hit proportionate to the level difference (a static amount if the other player is a higher level), you also can not loot anything from the player besides money. There is also one place in which pvp is not allowed at all. This is the graveyards. More information about graveyards can be found later in this document. No PVP in graveyards is to prevent someone from camping your poor corpses. On the other hand there can be fights which are agreed upon by both parties and they can take place in the following ways: