Development Team

Matt Olsen

Project Manager

A huge tolkien fan at heart, much of my inspiration comes from his work, or a derivitive of his work. Of particular importance is Peter Jackson's depiction of Tolkiens world. I have always been a huge fan of fantasy style games but they have never quite been dynamic or interesting enough. Quite often they were flat out boring and tedious. While I understand that life is sometimes boring and tedious I think a game should limit how often this happens. We should see some interesting things with this game. I hope you join us on this journy. To find out more about me you can check out my site:

Dave Warden

Graphics Design/World Design

Here I'll put how Dave is working with the graphics engine and making the maps for the game

Tony Mazolla


Brian Sullivan

Web Designer (team lead)

I don't really do much besides design the web page and offer mild advice based on my pathetic years and years of experience playing MMORPGs