Cities: There will generally be a city for every species/race however this is not a hard and fast rule. Some races mix together and some have spread out across the world. In general you will find many trade schools, shops, houses, temples, etc in these places. Just because it is a part of the civilized road however do not assume that people will be friendly. Your faction may or may not lend the natives to be friendly. Be wary of cities you have not yet visited. Most major cities will be connected through roads and will have guarded transportation from one city to the next for a price.

Housing: Often the dream of a Role Player is to make the game a bit their own. Well the ultimate way to make the game your own is to own a nice little house... well maybe not but its neat and it offers some definite advantages. They will however come at a price and there is only a finite amount to go around so market will eventually decide value. Until they are all sold a deed seller will sell deeds which entitles you to a key to the property. Within the confines of your house you are completely safe which makes it an ideal place to work on research, practice an instrument, meditate, or have a nice private conversation with a friend through your crystal ball, etc. A house will be automatically customized to your skills... for example if you are a cook a stove will be in your house. This is one of those places where you will find lots and lots of storage which is a big bonus.

Guild Hall: Each town will have at least one guild hall and larger towns may have up to three guild halls. A guild hall is almost a zone in and of itself. It consists of many houses a few small shops which lets people give their guildies good prices, a meeting area and a small arena. These halls will sell for a fairly large amount of money so they are not for the light of heart. They will likely be used for guilds that go after large mobs or guilds that just happen to be particularly large. The guild may charge for deeds to the individual residences or give them out as they see fit.

Roads: Travel is encouraged in the game. There should be lots of fun things to see and there may be something you need in a city that is not quite your own. This can be scary for a young adventurer who is new to the ways of the world. Roads have been carefully designed though by the people who made them. Most wild animals will stay away from the roads as they are afraid of people and the types that don't (giants, griffins, etc) don't typically hang out in areas that people built the roads (this wasn't on accident), that doesn't mean that you are completely safe however. If a mob is chasing someone they may very well stumble on you but thats not where they will normally go. People who layed out the roads also took the forethought to see that not everyone knows where they are going so roads have clearly labeled signs.

Local Mail System: Unless you have an intelligent crystal ball which most of us don't. You will not be able to tell people why you don't have your crystal ball handy and you won't be able to see what they say. However people can leave you a message at the local mail station. There is one in every town and your crystal ball can see if you need to go check it. Also very helpful if someone tries to get in touch with you while you are logged out.